To Be Rich Or Not To Be Rich

Which One Are You?

Oh how thee desireth towards richness and wealthness. Oh how thine inner voices persueth emptiness. To be or not to be rich? That is the question.

In today's world, there are two classes of societies. The rich and the poor. I am a witness to these written words.

The man in the street is penniless. The man in the mansion has much. Of these two, who do you think will fare off better when they are both robbed of their most valuable possessions? Who do you think will fare off better when a natural disaster strikes? Both require security. Both have similar needs when water, air, land, clothes, food, sleep are taken into consideration. One maybe rich and the other poor, but the basic needs are the same. One is sure to be better off than the other, but when it comes to those basic needs, both can not live without them.

So where do we draw the line as to the definition of being rich or poor?

If a man can feed his family, put a roof over their heads and clothe them, and has sufficient supply to last his family until the next pay check, would you class this man as being poor? If a man can only feed his family with rice three days of the week, would you class this man as being poor also?

What is your own definition of the rich and the poor?

Many started life in a poor family. Some became rich because they had a vision. Then there are those born into wealthy families. Some rich and famous celebrities became penniless at the end of their lives. These two societies have lived side by side for centuries. The rich looks down on the poor, the poor despises the rich.

If you are poor but consider yourself a happy person then you are rich. If on the other hand you are rich but feel unhappy about your life then learn how to give, and then you will be happy. Giving of your precious time to your family is healing. Giving of your resources to the poor brings more happiness than keeping it to yourself, which is greed.

I am someone who is content with what I have, especially having the basic needs. I am happy just as I am. Are you?

Copyright © 2008-2010 Jesse Evans

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